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Crypto Engine Review 2020 – Scam or Legit? LIVE RESULTS of the $250 Test

May 14, 2020 GMT

Trading cryptocurrency is extremely volatile, but people are trading because of the returns it brings. With such huge returns come huge risks. That is what we have always been told.

You can learn to beat the market because the operation is the same for all of them. You need to understand how professional traders amass wealth. Their position distribution affects the cryptocurrency price. When they buy, there is a probability of the price moving in their favor and similarly, when they sell.

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As an amateur the one thing that will bring you success in trading is –

Having a reason to enter a trade; and
Having an exit strategy and sticking to it.

Till you gain experience and understanding, it is best to trade on a reliable platform so that the broker assigned to help you can advise how you can earn profits.


Crypto Engine is a cryptocurrency trading platform that is known to be one of the best today. It works in partnership with other robot brokers. The software is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), ML, DL and NLP. The bot performs all the analysis needed to place a successful trade. It has an accuracy level of 95%.

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A Short Guide to the Working of Crypto Engine

The robot brokers, who work in partnership with Crypto Engine, receive the deposits made by the trading member and executes orders. These brokers are not traditional brokers. Their AI empowers them to execute orders instantly. The platform trades using ’High-Frequency Scalping”, which, if performed by a traditional broker, can result in high losses in case of the slightest mistake. But, with robot brokers, there is no chance of any mistake. As mentioned before, the accuracy level is 95%.

Regulatory authorities such as Fubabcuak Conduct Authority (FA), Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), and the Financial Service Board (FSB) regulate these brokers. This check ensures that even in case of bankruptcy or a market crash, your deposit is secure.

The broker offers a leverage of 1:5000 and takes positions that are 5000 times bigger than the investment. The high leverage can result in heavy losses, but the risk is minimized because of the “negative balance security” offered by the trading platform. You should remember, though, that you should only risk that much money that you can afford to lose. Limit your trading to a minimal amount, especially if you are a beginner.

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Features of Crypto Engine


The platform offers trading with several cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin Gold, Monero, ZCash, Golem, Lisk, Ripple, and Status, to name a few
Regular market updates to help you place your trade at the right time
The platform partners with regulated brokers who do not make mistakes
Demo Trading Account
Live Trading

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Reasons to Trade on Crypto Engine Platform

There are many reasons to trade on Crypto Engine platform, and they are listed below –

The platform helps you earn quick profits
The predictions made are 95% accurate, and the traders get regular market updates so that you can place your trade when the time is right
The bot’s AI helps in safe, smooth, and effective trading
You can choose the trading mode- automatic or manual, according to your requirements
The brokers are all regulated by trade regulating authorities as mentioned above
You set the parameters, which allow you to be in complete control of all your trades
Crypto Engine is a user-friendly platform

How to Start Trading On Crypto Engine?

To begin trading, you first need to sign up, which is a 3-step process as given below –

Step 1 Register The first step is to create an account on the platform using the easy sign-up system. All you need to do is fill up your personal details.

Step 2 – Invest – When you register, a personal broker is assigned to you, who will contact you and guide you through the process of investment. The minimum investment amount is $250.

Step 3 – Trade – After you deposit the investment amount, you can start trading.

Earn thousands of dollars by registering with Crypto Engine

Is Cryptocurrency Trading Profitable?

Many people will say that cryptocurrency trading is unsafe and can result in heavy losses. Several authoritative regulators are discussing the impact of cryptocurrencies on today’s financial market. Don’t let all the talk of the volatility of the cryptocurrency market discourage you because a legit platform, where you can safely trade, can help you get good returns on your investment.

In fact, some of the most influential and wealthiest people in the world say that Bitcoin will grow in the future and become a force to reckon with. It will become an important method of payment.

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How to Make the Most of Crypto Engine?

Given below are a few tips that will help you make the most out of this trading platform:

Set the bot on auto trading mode, set parameters and let the bot do its work.
The best time to trade is when the activity at Wall Street peaks.
Start trading with a small investment. You will be tempted to invest more but it is best not to give in to that temptation.
Increase the amount invested only when you are experienced enough and have learned the trade.
Stay focussed when you are trading, and for that, it is best to trade with a level-headed buddy who can keep you in check.


There is no registration fee as such. You, however, need to fund your account with $250, which is the amount with which you will trade. There are no other charges hidden or upfront.

Earn thousands of dollars by registering with Crypto Engine


You need to be focused to trade. It is a mental game. The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, and to be able to earn a profit in this market, you need to find a legit platform like Crypto Engine. While you let the automated bot do its work, you can learn how to trade. Learn how the markets are manipulated. This will give you a huge advantage over other traders and you will understand how money is made and lost.

The idea behind trading cryptocurrencies is to predict market movement in a certain time frame. You win big if your prediction is correct. This allows you to win even when the market is declining!

While you are learning this, practice on the demo account offered by Crypto Engine. This is a legit platform that helps you make money on your investment. Sign up today!