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Church broken into, vandalized

July 1, 2019 GMT

RICHFORD, Vt. (AP) — Vermont State Police are investigating vandalism to a church in the northern Vermont town of Richford.

Pastor Stanley Deresineski says parts of the inside of the All Saints church are destroyed. He tells mynbc.com that a vandal or vandals broke in through a side door, smashed the tabernacle, sprayed a fire extinguisher around the church and the holy Eucharist was scattered in the floor.

Nothing was stolen.

Reverend Deresineski says when he heard about the damage, he was “sick.” He says, “It’s like somebody has abused somebody you loved deeply.”


Mass this weekend was held in a hall across the street.

Deresineski says, “Jesus teaches us to pray for those who treat us badly. We are praying for whoever did this that God will touch them and convert their hearts.”