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Flavor balance just right in chocolate-orange crisps

December 17, 2018 GMT

Chocolate and orange often arrive together at a holiday party in the form of chocolate-dipped, candied orange peels. Although I am enamored with the flavor duo, I am almost always left wishing the treat were more about the citrus and less about the sugar, as the rind is typically boiled until sticky-sweet in a concentrated sugar syrup.

The accompanying recipe is my wish come true. It captures the pure essence of the chocolate-orange pairing with enough sugar to temper the citrus rind’s bitterness without drowning out its flavor. Cutting a whole orange or two into very thin wheels using a mandoline and baking the slices at a low temperature — dehydrating them, really — turns them into crisp, almost-stained-glass rounds of concentrated orange flavor. The sprinkle of confectioners’ sugar that dissolves into the fruit as it cooks offsets the intensity of the peel without making it markedly sweet.


The orange crisps are then dipped in melted chocolate and then chilled until the coating has set. They make a lovely holiday gift layered in a box or jar and wrapped with a ribbon — if you can resist keeping them all to yourself.

Recipe: Chocolate-Dipped Orange Crisps