‘Confederate Flag Day’ event sparks protest in downtown Raleigh

March 4, 2019 GMT

An event supporting Confederate monuments led to a protests that took over the streets of downtown Raleigh on Saturday night.

The protest made its way from Nash Square to the Capitol Building and around downtown Raleigh as a heavy police presence stood by in case things escalated.

Protesters at one point were seen chanting at Raleigh police officers as they surrounded the Capitol Building.

The protest came in response to “Confederate Flag Day,” which was hosted by the North Carolina Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The group protesting Saturday evening also called for the removal of all Confederate monuments on State Capitol grounds.

One of the protesters said the Confederate group is free to believe whatever they want, but they are not welcome in Raleigh.

“If that’s how they want to, they can live their life. I’m not knocking them for however they want to believe and that’s on them, but don’t come in to a peaceful city, interrupting what we’ve already got going on,” protester Haywood Judd said. “Don’t bring that drama our way. Keep it where you’re at.”

Police said there were no arrests as a result of the protest.

Last month, a man was charged with assault following a separate protest regarding Confederate monuments at the State Capitol.

William Barrett Powell, 28, of 533 New Bern Avenue, was charged with simple assault and injury to personal property.

The charges came during Saturday afternoon’s “Crush Confederates at Our Capital” protest.