Maryland’s Billy Hurley III made a hilarious ‘attack ad’ against Jordan Spieth

February 12, 2018 GMT

PGA Tour winner and Annapolis, Maryland, resident Billy Hurley III is running for chairman of the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council. His competition is Jordan Spieth,one of golf’s “golden boys.”

Looks like the campaign is getting dirty.

For those of you who dont know, I am running against @JordanSpieth for Chairman of the @PGATOUR Player Advisory Council. One final push for the voting that ends tomorrow pic.twitter.com/dO2uLiTg3B Billy Hurley III (@BillyHurley3) February 12, 2018

The attack ad that Hurley released Monday overcomes an annoying narrator voice with humor around every corner. The video calls Spieth a thief for stealing “valuables” (the Claret Jug) from ally Great Britain, criticizes him for his earning $4,567 per shot at a tournament he won (Hurley missed the cut and took home no earnings because he does it “for the love of the game”) and forces Hurley’s caddie to read a scripted testimonial on camera.

Whether it will be Hurley or Spieth, the chairman’s job is to consult with the PGA Tour’s commissioner and board of directors on issues that affect players. The position sounds analogous to the president of the National Football League Players Association, Bengals offensive lineman Eric Winston.

It would have been funny to see Spieth serve up a counter-attack, but his everyman image wouldn’t allow such tactics:

😂 the facts check out, youve got my vote!! https://t.co/dqTOjdafQi Jordan Spieth (@JordanSpieth) February 12, 2018

When they go low, we go high, apparently.