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Russia-made submarine signaling missiles on Poland’s beaches

May 30, 2018

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A spokesman for Poland’s Navy says that three Russian-made submarine signaling missiles have been found in recent days at different locations on Poland’s Baltic Sea beaches.

Speaking from a from a Navy base in Gdynia, Cmdr. Radoslaw Pioch said Wednesday the missiles came from a submarine type Kilo, made in Russia. They were found at two locations on the Hel Peninsula and on the Sobieszewska Island, within the Bay of Gdansk area that borders Russia’s Kaliningrad region with its military port.

Sappers have removed two of them and are searching for the third one. It was not clear when they got to the beaches but could be a remainder from exercise, Pioch said.

Signaling missiles are fired by emerging submarines when they want to mark their location.

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