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Military Is First Announced Customer Of AT&T Software

February 22, 1989 GMT

NEW YORK (AP) _ The Military Airlift Command is the first announced customer of Korbx, a computer system from American Telephone & Telegraph Co. that solves problems previously considered unsolvable, AT&T said today.

The command said it will use Korbx to determine the most efficient way to airlift troops and cargo around the world and to meet the transportation needs of disaster victims.

One problem for Korbx will be to determine the best way to move casualties to hospitals in the United States in case of a war that is fought on several fronts. Such a problem poses 650,000 variables and 200,000 constraints, the airlift command said.


Korbx is based on the Karmarkar algorithm, a mathematical breakthrough invented in 1984 by Narendra Karmarkar, a scientist at AT&T Bell Laboratories. The package consists of a powerful computer and software and is costing the command $6.5 million in a lease-to-own package.

AT&T spokesman Bob Ford said several other customers had bought Korbx but were not willing to have their names publicized. He said the number of other customers was between two and 10.

The Military Airlift Command was scheduled to announce its acquisition of Korbx at a news conference today at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois. Information about the announcement was provided Tuesday.