County awards jail medical wing contract

September 28, 2018

The Floyd County Commission named Gainesville-based Carroll Daniel Construction Inc. to manage construction of the jail medical wing.

Assistant County Manager Gary Burkhalter said the company has not yet set a date to mobilize.

“It could be up to 45 days to start the project,” he said.

The contract is “at risk,” which means they’re responsible for ensuring the work is completed within budget.

County Manager Jamie McCord said there’s $2.2 million from the 2013 special purpose, local option sales tax package and $5.2 million in the 2017 SPLOST. Design and engineering by Peacock Partnership also comes out of the funds.

“They’re fully aware of the funding situation,” McCord said, noting that collections for the 2017 SPLOST don’t even start until April 1, 2019.

Phase I of the project will be to build an external training and fitness center for the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office. It will be on part of the parking lot and greenspace in the complex at 2526 New Calhoun Highway.

The next step will be to renovate the existing training room inside the jail as a secure temporary medical facility. The space will be used to treat inmates while an entire pod is gutted and reconstructed with offices, a clinic and separate spaces for patients with physical or mental ailments.

“When it’s done, we’ll have a 60-plus bed facility,” McCord said.

The jail, which houses an average of 600 inmates a day, has four medical beds and an isolation cell for contagious diseases.

National standards call for a jail to have at least 5 percent of its beds in a medical unit. The county’s project takes into account an aging population and an increasing number of inmates with mental health issues.

Three companies submitted proposals and two were selected for interviews by a committee of top county staff, including Jail Administrator Bob Sapp.

“Both firms were wellqualified, but there was a pretty significant spread for essentially the same thing,” McCord told county commissioners.

Carroll Daniel sought $759,427 to cover overhead costs and a fee equal to 5.33 percent of the total cost of the work. Balfour Beatty in Atlanta asked for a fee of 4.5 percent but overhead costs brought its bid to $945,000.

McCord said Carroll Daniel is a 70-year-old company with a good track record on public safety facilities and jails.

“Working on a correctional facility is very challenging,” he noted. “Every screwdriver, nut and bolt has to be accounted for, going in and out.”

The company has agreed to give local subcontractors preference if possible, McCord said, and they are open to using inmate labor in some areas to cut costs.

‘Both firms were wellqualified, but there was a pretty significant spread for essentially the same thing.’

Jamie McCord county manager