Media should strive for balance 2018 -- Bruce Kimball

January 7, 2018 GMT

My wish for 2018 would be an end to the propaganda.

Like Russia, Cuba or other countries with a state-controlled media, we have been subject to a media that represents one political ideology. Occasionally a story represents the Republican view, but most stories are biased toward the Democratic view.

Even search engines such as Yahoo and Google support the left ideology. Every Republican knows ABC, NBC, CBS and most newspapers pound the readers daily with headlined stories supporting the left’s agenda. Ask Yahoo a question, and the top stories support the liberal view.

When all the stories are bias to one political side, the term “freedom of the press” loses all meaning and journalism becomes propaganda.

It’s time to write about the truth on both sides. Write about the positive side of the Republican agenda, and write about the negative truths associated with the Democratic policies.

I realize criticizing the Democrats could lead to a trip to the gulag, but that is what real journalism and real freedom of the press looks like. End the propaganda and represent both sides truthfully in 2018.

Bruce Kimball, McFarland