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Karen Crager: Traffic on Cherry Tree Boulevard

February 8, 2019 GMT

Editor: Since the development of Foothill Estates and subsequent phases including a housing tract called the Villas, the traffic on Cherry Tree Boulevard has become increasingly problematic due to excessive speed and number of heavy construction vehicles and residential traffic.

Cherry Tree Boulevard is the only ingress/egress for that development. The speed limit in the Estates is 25 mph; however the speed limit on exiting the Estates is 35 mph coming down the hill to the residential area of Cherry Tree where it goes back to 25 mph. This is a joke! Very few people reduce their speed when entering the 25 mph residential section and will continue excessive speed until reaching McCulloch Blvd.


The occasional placement of the “indicated speed of a vehicle” machine placed midway down Cherry Tree can be seen from very far away as it is a straight shot down the hill, so people will slow down somewhat, therefore not a valid statistic. It is often a dangerous situation for those trying to exit their driveways, with large trucks unable to brake sufficiently quickly enough. Many times, vehicles take up a significant portion of the pedestrian/bike lanes of the many walkers and bicyclers going up and down the hill.

We received a solicitation from one of the real estate agents in town indicating that since there was so much traffic, etc., now on Cherry Tree that we might want to sell our home and move somewhere “quieter” in the city. Obviously this indicates to us that our property is less desirable than it once was and represents a decrease in our property value. This is very disturbing to us, having built our home here in 1992. At the very least, the speed limit on the section between Foothills Estates, Villas, etc. should be uniformly changed to 25 mph.

Karen Crager

Lake Havasu City