Thiessen explains corporate welfare -- Craig Piersma

February 27, 2019 GMT

In his recent column ” Amazon exit shows Ocasio-Cortez is economic illiterate,” Marc Thiessen (who helped Scott Walker write his book, “Unintimitated”) does a notable job of man-splaining to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of us just how the intricate world of corporate welfare works.

After absurdly comparing Ocasio-Cortez to Vladimir Lenin, he constructs a straw man argument by claiming Ocasio-Cortez and others believe New York has a safe full of money that it is trying to decide how to spend. Will it go to schools, roads and health care or to a large corporation and its billionaire owner?


Opponents to the Amazon deal believe no such thing. The $3 billion in future taxes would be money owed to the state should Amazon build its facility. Minus the giveaway to Amazon, that money could indeed be used for the benefit of the citizens of New York in many ways. Add into the equation that such welfare deals are notoriously oversold with little benefit to the public, and the giveaway looks even worse.

But what else other than such nonsense can we expect from an acolyte of former Gov. Walker, the author of the one of the largest corporate welfare deals in history.

Craig Piersma, Waunakee