100 Years Ago - Scranton Ad Men To Aid Minnesota Wildfire Victims

October 28, 2018 GMT

Oct. 28, 1918 Advertising club asks for help The Scranton Advertising Club started a campaign to help those affected by the wildfires in Minnesota. The fires caused the deaths of 1,200 people and left 14,000 people homeless. The Duluth Advertising Club approached the Scranton club to help the fire victims. People could make donations at Scranton Dry Goods, Samter Brothers, the Globe Store and the advertising departments at the Scranton Times and the Scranton Republican. 145 more flu cases reported The Scranton Health Department reported there were 145 new cases of influenza in the city. With those cases, the number of infected people stood at 4,734, with a total of 444 deaths. The health department asked for all business owners in the city to inspect their employees daily for signs of the disease and that all store clerks were to wear masks. Penn State coach to train troops Hugo Bezdek, head coach of Penn State football and school athletic director, was asked by the War Department to develop a mass athletic system for Eastern colleges hosting military training camps and for regular draftees. Bezdek was approach by the War Department following his development of a daily exercise program for the 1,500 students at Penn State. BRIAN FULTON, library manager, oversees The Times-Tribune’s expansive digital and paper archives and is an authority on local history. Contact Brian at bfulton@timesshamrock.com or 570-348-9140.