A Valentine’s Day wedding: St. Agnes kindergarten celebrates ‘Q’ and ‘U’

February 16, 2019

SCOTTSBLUFF — Q and U coincide in several words in the English language, so to celebrate this union, kindergarten students in Teri Ramirez’s class celebrated Valentine’s Day with a wedding and reception for the letters.

Ahead of the holiday, Ramirez and the students discussed how Q and U are found together in several words like queen, quill and quarters. Thursday, the students brought items containing the letters Q and U for show-and-tell before witnessing the marriage of the letters. Some of the items students brought were a quilt, quarters and quills.

“I started this last year because I just teach them how Q and U have to be together and we talk about how wherever Q is, U will be there in words,” said Ramirez. “At the end of the unit is a Valentine’s Day celebration.”

Students gathered in the learning center at St. Agnes Catholic School for the wedding at 2:15 p.m. Ramirez chose students’ names from a hat to participate in the wedding. Easton Becker was the best man. Eliana Merrigan was the maid of honor. Kensington Suhr was the flower girl and Giovanni Alvizar was the ring bearer. Tristan Hoesing was Mr. U and Mila Miller was Ms. Q. The students carried giant letters decorated with googly eyes and a red paper mouth during the wedding ceremony. Students not selected as a member of the wedding party also had a role.

“All the other kids are the other letters of the alphabet, so they’re still in it,” said Ramirez.

Instead of using rings, Ramirez used quarters.

Following the ceremony, the students returned to the classroom for the reception. They enjoyed white cake, decorated with the letters of the alphabet and sparkling white grape juice. Before enjoying their treat, the students gave a toast to the union of the letters.

“Q and U together forever,” said Ramirez as her students repeated while raising their glasses.

Becker said his favorite part of celebrating Valentine’s Day was “the Q and U wedding because we got to have cake and refreshments.”

Ramirez said this is the second year the students have celebrated Valentine’s Day with a wedding.

Ramirez said the activity helps the students remember the sound the two letters make together as well as the words that include those letters.

They also participate in a nativity scene activity during Christmas and their next celebration is planned for Mardi Gras.

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