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Alex Smith, Redskins QB, out of hospital: Report

December 16, 2018

After multiple surgeries on his right leg and a bout with an infection, Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith has been released from the hospital he was staying in, ESPN reported Saturday night.

Smith needed to have his tibia and fibula repaired after suffering a spiral leg fracture in a game on Nov. 18. It was first revealed Dec. 6 that he was fighting an infection after the surgeries as well.

The Redskins initially announced Smith would need 6-8 months to recover, but his prognosis has become bleaker since then, and the future of the 34-year-old quarterback’s playing career became a question of “if” he will play again, not “when.” ESPN continues to report that there is an optimistic outlook for Smith, who is in the first year of a $94 million contract.

If Smith can’t play, the Redskins would have to “eat” his cap hit of $20.4 million next year and $21.4 million in 2020. There is an “out” in Smith’s deal before the 2021 season, according to Spotrac.

Thanks to the rookie pay scale, the NFL Draft might be the only way for the Redskins to add a starting quarterback in 2019 if they take this salary cap hit.

Smith turns 35 in May. Colt McCoy received a contract extension last summer and has been in Jay Gruden’s system in Washington since 2014. McCoy also suffered a broken leg injury this season, but one that he is expected to come back from.

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