Cinderella Solution Review 2020 – Does Carly Donovan Weight Loss Program Work for You?

May 20, 2020 GMT

Incessant weight gain is a problem faced by most women today. Excess body fat is the breeding ground for many health issues. Those extra pounds of flesh are not easy on the eyes either.

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The heartache of not being able to fit into your favorite dress, having to shop in the plus-size sections at the stores; while seeing your dress size increase with each visit is soul-crushing. Your social circle ceases to exist or becomes marginally small before you realize; you become a social pariah.

Cinderella Solution by Carly Donovan is an effective way to lose that body fat by following two simple steps. It is a guide designed to help the fairer sex deal with excess body fat. Women of all age groups can easily benefit from this program and shed those extra kilos in just 28 days. This weight loss program has been designed especially for women; keeping in mind the number of hormonal changes a woman undergoes, to work in sync with their body type and functioning. The Cinderella Solution works to help you achieve a slim body without having to put deprive yourself of the food of your choice or torturing yourself with an excruciating workout session.

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What is the Cinderella Solution all about?

Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program designed by Carly Donovan, especially for the female body. Most weight loss supplements available in the market today are not gender-specific, even though a womans body works differently from that of a man. Women gain weight mainly because of the hormonal changes the body experiences in the period between puberty to menopause. A slump in the metabolic rate is a result of it and the main contributing factor to weight gain.  Carly Donovan has addressed this issue and outlined a program customized to work for the fairer sex, working in sync with their bodies. A female body is controlled by hormones and undergo many changes

Most weight loss programs take a long time to show results and involve an awful lot of diet restrictions coupled with torturous workout regimes. The Cinderella Solution works differently, it is a two-step approach to achieve weight loss in a short span of just 28 days. Cathy Donovan realized the futility of undergoing strict diet and exercise regimes, when in reality if we make alterations in the combination of foods that we consume and combine it with a light workout, we can easily get results, quicker than the traditional weight loss approach. The Cinderella Solution works by enhancing your bodys fat-burning mechanism naturally, without putting it under any undue pressure.

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How does the Cinderella Solution work?

Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program, made especially for the womenfolk, tailored to suit their body types best according to the various changes their body undergoes. It is based on the Japanese concept of Shoku-Iko, which means nutritional architecture. Shoku-Iko is a process of pairing foods and flavors in the best possible ways to balance your hormones and metabolic activities. It aims at nurturing your body to good health and making it internally strong and balanced.

The Cinderella Solution is a weight loss program of 28 days and consists of 2 phases:

The Ignite phase: this is the first phase of the Cinderella Solution. Over 14 days, the program will teach you the importance and role of nutritional food in your weight loss journey. A list of customized meal plans is made available to the customers, which stabilizes your hormonal functions and triggers weight loss in the body. This program aims at achieving weight loss without making you ingest any medicines or chemical supplements.

The Launch Phase: This is the second phase of the Cinderella Solution. It introduces an array of food combinations in your daily meal plan. The customers are advised to take four meals a day in the suggested combination. These planned meals aim at burning fat and boosting the bodys immunity simultaneously. The program amps up your metabolic system to boost weight loss. To attain maximum benefits from this phase you need to know the right kind of foods to combine for achieving quick weight loss, these combinations include:

Fish and garlic
Greek yogurt and sweet potatoes
Apples and chocolate
Mint and green tea
Ricotta and barnins

These are a few of the combinations that increase the metabolic rate of your body and induce fat burn.

Price and Refunds policy for the Cinderella Solution

You can purchase your copy of the Cinderella Solution weight loss program online; it is available in digital format. Customers can avail of the attractive discounts available on the official website and purchase it for 37 USD only and also get a bonus pack of Cinderella Accelerator System worth 150 USD, free with every order.

The Cinderella Solution weight loss program comes with Cinderellas 60-Day Glass Slipper Guarantee, which allows you to try the product for 60 days and if you feel that the program is not benefitting you as expected then you can contact the customer support team and claim for a full refund.

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Cinderella Solution weight loss program is the perfect way for women to lose that excess body fat. It does not make you torture your body by depriving it of food and introducing unreal workout regimes. Instead, this program works to correct your body functions and trigger weight loss naturally by introducing you to a combination of healthy foods and exercise. It strengthens your immunity, promotes wellbeing, and balances your body functions. This program teaches you to love your body and not abhor it or punish it due to a few extra pounds you have put in.

The Cinderella Solution weight loss program is available in digital format only but for those who prefer reading in print, a PDF version is available that can be downloaded and print copies can be made. So, you can have easy access to it wherever you go, and can easily plan and maintain your regime without having to make any special efforts. So, ladies! What are you waiting for? Go get your copies now and unleash the change in your body!