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Casino Killing Witness Spit On

September 18, 1998 GMT

BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) _ The friend of a teen-ager who pleaded guilty to killing a 7-year-old girl in a Nevada casino was spit on at a convenience store.

David Cash Jr., a sophomore at University of California, Berkeley, was walking into the store Thursday night when he was confronted by Lonnie Long, UC Berkeley police Capt. Bill Cooper said.

``Are you David Cash?″ Long, 24, asked Cash, who answered, ``Yes,″ Cooper said. Long then spit in Cash’s face, Cooper said.

Long was arrested and booked for investigation of misdemeanor battery.


Cash told a grand jury that he saw his friend Jeremy Strohmeyer strangling 7-year-old Sherrice Iverson in a restroom stall in a Nevada casino last fall. He said he tapped Strohmeyer on the forehead to get his attention, but left when Strohmeyer only stared back at him.

Nevada has no good Samaritan law, and authorities say Cash will not be charged with any crime. Strohmeyer pleaded guilty last week to killing the girl.

It was the first physical assault against Cash, who has been castigated publicly by the dead girl’s mother, Yolanda Manuel, and others.