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Family Will Be Tired of Tires, But a Bargain’s a Bargain

July 5, 1990

CLEBURNE, Texas (AP) _ The only thing standing between the Mosleys and their dream home is about 250,000 tires.

But Willie Mosley Jr. and his family figure the 2.47 acres of land they bought at a constable’s auction Tuesday is a bargain at $313, despite the mountain of work they face clearing away the radials discarded on the property.

″We’re just working people,″ said Mosley’s wife, Carol. ″Where else are we going to be able to buy a piece of land for $313, and all you have to do is clear some tires off of it?″

Johnson County officials had foreclosed on the property because previous landowners owned back taxes. Officials then discovered the tires that litter the landscape, piled up to 10 feet high in some areas.

Health officials gave the county until Oct. 1 to remove the tires or risk fines of $25,000 a day. But the Mosleys discovered a 2-year extension was available.

No one else bid on the property and Mosley got it for the $313 at which Constable Steve Curlee started the bidding.

The Mosleys plan to put a mobile home on the property, 30 miles southwest of Dallas.

And for the next two years, Mosley, his wife, their two teen-aged sons and three married daughters and sons-in-law will cut up tires with chainsaws and lug them away in a truck the family bought.

The family hopes it will not have to saw up all the tires, though.

″There’s a number of things you can do with them,″ Mrs. Mosley said. ″Some people need tires for playgrounds. Or people who want them to put around racetracks. Anybody who wants them, send them out here. They’re free for the taking.

″Just don’t bring any more.″

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