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NYPD Cop Charged With Planting Racist Stickers

November 28, 1996

NEW YORK (AP) _ A white officer arrested after allegedly plastering a suburban bar with neo-Nazi stickers is ``an embarrassment and disgrace,″ New York City’s police commissioner said Wednesday.

Andrew Schlagler, 25, was suspended without pay after Monroe police arrested him on a misdemeanor charge of second-degree aggravated harassment. He was released for a Dec. 12 arraignment.

Officials allege Schlagler was off-duty, sporting a buzz-cut and wearing a Texaco T-shirt and black combat boots when he placed stickers on bar booths, mirrors and other people’s clothes Saturday.

The stickers read ``Kill Niggers″ or depicted a neo-Nazi choking a black man, and listed an Internet address for the White Aryan Resistance, a white supremacist group.

Monroe police also suspect Schlagler may have called in a false report that a black man with a gun was fighting at the bar. Investigators say the call may have been retaliation against a black bouncer who kicked him out.

``It’s scary to think that a guy with these views is a cop,″ said Billy Dolson, the bouncer and a former state trooper.

Schlagler has an unlisted phone number and couldn’t be reached for comment.

Police said he was an officer since 1993, serving in the Bronx, but served without distinction.

``The actions he allegedly displayed are in no way reflective of this department,″ Commissioner Howard Safir said.

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