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Fred Mohun: Calls to abolish ICE are pandering to extremists

July 24, 2018 GMT


Fringe politicians on the left have reached a new low with recent calls to “abolish ICE.” What started as a radical movement in New York has now spread. Now, Democrat candidates for Arizona governor, Kelly Fryer and David Garcia, have called to abolish ICE, the agency charged with putting away scumbags like drug traffickers and child pornographers.

In a border state like Arizona, these calls are more than unrealistic. They are dangerous and threaten the safety of communities that have to live with the realities of our open border. Last year, ICE made over 5,000 arrests of violent gang members in Arizona alone. As just a sampling of their work in Arizona, ICE arrested two men who were part of a national child sex scheme. Their work led to a 120 year sentence for a man in Sedona for distributing child pornography. Would Garcia and Fryer rather see these dangerous criminals on the street than behind bars?


To abolish ICE would be like abolishing the Lake Havasu Police Department because you don’t like the speed laws. Luckily, we won’t have to find out. Governor Ducey took a strong stand against these reckless calls. He labeled them a rallying cry for opportunistic politicians - which is exactly what they are

Leaders are elected to put important issues, like safety, above politics. Radicals like Fryer and Garcia failed the test. They may win over slight praise from extremist for their despicable pandering, but Arizonans are sure to send them packing

Fred Mohun

Lake Havasu City