Dixon Park District gets go-ahead to sell arboretum

March 21, 2018 GMT

DIXON – Voters signed off on letting the Park District sell up to 50 acres of the Plum Creek Arboretum to generate extra revenue.

The referendum passed Tuesday with about 67 percent of the vote, 1,213 in favor to 596 against, according to unofficial election results.

The Park Board approved a resolution in November saying that the land is “no longer needed or deemed necessary or useful for park purposes.”

Members are hoping to bring in some money for infrastructure improvements and save on future maintenance costs to keep up the property.

With selling or transferring district land, property bigger than 3 acres needs voter approval by referendum, and the arboretum will be sold through a public auction.

The board has discussed several projects that the land sale money could be put toward, including hard-surfacing the soccer parking lot at Meadows

Park, replacing the windows at Woodcote for energy savings, repairing the hairpin curve at Lowell Park, doing more curb and gutter work at Page Park, stabilizing the riverbank at Lowell Park, putting money toward community education and marketing of benefits provided by the district, and laying asphalt in Page Park along Page Drive as well as the Al Morrison parking area and the old basketball court.