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Hatred and stupidity empower Trump -- Richard Nawratil

July 16, 2018 GMT

I am torn between hate and stupidity.

Do conservative voters hate progressives so much they would rather lose Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid than vote for a progressive who wants everyone to share in those programs?

Farmers are beginning to lose crop and livestock money. We may lose an American institution, Harley-Davidson, due to retaliatory tariffs. Our longtime friend Canada is becoming more distant. President Donald Trump’s claims of a trade imbalance are a big lie also.

This man who barely knows when it’s raining drops us out of the climate discussion. We are opening up pristine areas to mining and oil exploration. He said we are letting millions of immigrants into this country.

Are these voters just this stupid and believe everything this guy says when he lies almost constantly? What has he done to improve the average American’s life? Nothing.

So is it hate or stupidity? I really don’t know but I am sure it’s one or both of them.

Richard Nawratil, Monona