Why carpet?

February 17, 2019
Check the fibers, the quality, the style and check out the warranties on each choice of carpet.

The type of flooring most of us have in our homes is a personal choice and the trend seems to lean towards hardwood floors. Even so, when one looks at what sells, carpet tends to be the flooring preference. We are not talking about grandma’s shag carpet but the newer trends that embrace softness, tight weaves, interesting textures and —most important — stain resisters.

There are many reasons for choosing carpet over hardwood but the chief among them is people just like it. It answers a multitude of practical problems many a homeowner encounters from uneven floors to insulating from the elements to muffling sounds from floor to floor. Carpet by nature is slip resistant so if a worry is someone slipping and falling carpet insulates that issue.

Generally speaking price wise when choosing a flooring carpet is less expensive than hardwood or tile. True there are high end price ranges for all of these materials but the idea is one gets more bang for their bucks with carpet than other floor coverings.

The versatility of carpet is interesting in that it can be bought in any size and it can look fine wall to wall or it can be an area rug in any shape. Colors and textures are endless in choices and the combination of the two can make for a very compelling presentation of your room. The practical side of this is that dirt and vacuum marks don’t show with these mixtures.

When one starts to shop for carpet it is important to take a list of particulars with you. The size of the room is the most important because size will translate to the general cost. Please know there will be other expenses incurred besides just the carpet such as the price of the pad and installation costs. Most times to get a firm price a salesperson will need to come to your home to take measurements if the purchase is going to be wallto-wall carpet.

Besides size the salesman is going to want to know how much traffic the room will experience so they can make recommendations as to what would best suit the room. Heavy use could indicate a need for a stain resistant version of carpet. Even the amount of sunlight and whether you have pets should be considered so take all these factors into consideration and include them on your shopping list.

One should know their carpet fibers and which one will best suit them and their pocket book prior to shopping. Most folks today are going for the soft fibers and that includes wool, nylon, polypropylene, polyester and the newest triexta. There is even a recycled fiber for those who want to go green. Each has its it’s attributes, negatives and price ranges so do the research.

As the buyer shops and compares carpets be aware that just because two carpets look alike doesn’t make them alike. If one is doing some comparison shopping know the fibers, the quality, the style and check out the warranties of each. Finally, when buying carpet be sure you get a good pad because it can be the life of your carpet.

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