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Concerened over Hanlin’s stance on Measure 105

September 6, 2018 GMT

The News-Review deserves credit for injecting facts and reason into a debate that has been mostly about emotions. It’s good to see the paper took a principled stand against deliberate appeals to the baser instincts of people who so want to punish people for a misdemeanor that they waste valuable resources that could be better used to deal with felons.

In addition, the risk of intimidating immigrants into not reporting serious crimes and asking about immigration status without evidence of a crime amounts to racial profiling. Not coincidentally, an instance of such profiling was the reason the “sanctuary” law was written in the first place.


It’s concerning that Sheriff Hanlin wants to waste scarce county resources to harass individuals because they look Hispanic (as do many U.S. citizens). Maybe the sheriff’s department isn’t really in need of additional funds after all.

Rick Staggenborg