Your Turn: Aug. 27

August 26, 2018

Not fair to fire unionRe: “Union’s S.A. First campaign rings of MAGA,” Brian Chasnoff column, Thursday:Chasnoff’s opinion on the firefighter’s campaign was as low as you can go! To make a comparison with the firefighters and the Trump campaign’s MAGA was, to me, a desperate reach in turning the voters against the firefighters’ propositions on the November ballot.The city along with the city manager are the ones who are desperate to keep the propositions off the ballot any way they can, and Chasnoff is the guy they are using to deliver their pathetic message.News flash: It backfired.Daniel MartinezInvestigate fire unionThanks to the Express-News for the great reporting on the misguided firefighters union charter amendments that are slated to be on the Nov. 6 ballot. When we have a union that should be working on behalf of its firefighter members but is overstepping its role, we should be asking why!Now, according to the Brian Chasnoff column published Thursday, the source of the half-million dollars is unknown. How can this be? Might I suggest there are groups that want to weaken municipal governments, especially those that are deemed progressive?Let’s have some intrepid investigative reporter dig into this funding source.Barbara MoschnerPants on fireThere are facts and alternate facts; truths that are not truths; felons who are not bad; sooner means later; and would means wouldn’t.Yes, Virginia, your president is a big, fat liar.Jorge de la GarzaNo crime hereRe: “A plea, a conviction, peril ahead,” Editorial, Thursday:One has to question a plea deal made by Michael Cohen in which the objective is for him to flip on President Donald Trump for a better deal on his other financial problems and to possibly avoid a longer prison sentence. There wouldn’t be any violation of any campaign laws unless those two payoffs were actually made from Trump campaign funds.And the convictions in the Paul Manafort trial have nothing to do with the main objective of Robert Mueller’s investigation, which was supposed to be collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. One would have thought that after over two years of investigating, Mueller would have found something about collusion by now. If nothing else, there should have been a leak of information about any collusion to harm Trump in anyway possible.And the only peril is the attempt by some in the media to overthrow the Trump administration. It would also be a peril to the nation that a sitting president might be taken down for all the wrong reasons. The Trump haters are still mad that Hillary Clinton lost and can’t wait until 2020 to try to rectify that problem, if there is a problem.Robert M. Louie, Houston