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SizeGenetics Review – Does This Extender Really Work?

May 25, 2020 GMT

If you want a successful romantic relationship, you need to enjoy sex with your partner. And your penis size both length and girth are significant during sex.

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Every woman likes a man with a long and strong penis. This is your sign of manliness. But what if you are born with a small member? You can always work on it and make it bigger with SizeGenetics. This is a penile size enlargement device. It has been in the market for decades because of its effectiveness. It can increase your penis size by 30 percent in 180 days. And most importantly, it has no side effects.

So, order SizeGenetics and start satisfying the woman in your life.

About SizeGenetics


This is a scientific penis traction device which, with regular usage, helps you to enlarge both the length and girth of your penis. This device has various accessories that have several uses. The company provides you with four penis extension device packs for users. You can buy the one that suits you best. The penis extension devices from this company have approvals of many medical authorities, including the FDA. This makes it safe for use.

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How Does SizeGenetics Work?
This uses an understanding of human anatomy to increase the size of your penis.
SizeGenetics focuses on the corpora cavernosa i.e., a part of your penis. It contains a network of blood vessels and is responsible for getting harder and powerful penile erections.
Put the device over your penis. It gives a firm and gentle to your penile tissues, including the blood vessels.
The cells present in the corpora cavernosa split and pull away. This is a result of the slow stretching of your penis. Now the cells become fuller with blood.
As the blood vessels in your penis get increased quantity of blood than before, the erection larger and harder.
When you keep on increasing the tension of the focused region, you obtain better and quicker effects.


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How to Use SizeGenetics?
Put the extension device over your penis. You have to come out of your comfort zone and get used to wearing the device.
You have to put on the device for about 5 to 6 hours daily when you start using it. Do this for the first six weeks.
Stretch your penis regularly. After six weeks, decrease the time you wear the extension device.
See a substantial growth in your penis size after six weeks. It increases both lengthwise and in girth.

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Is it Safe to use SizeGenetics?
This FDA-approved device has the backing of clinical research and human biology. As it does not recommend any harmful pills or creams, it is safe for use.

Benefits of SizeGenetics
Stretching of your penis by this device forms new cells in the corpora cavernosa region, and so it can hold more blood. You get firmer, larger, and longer erections.
This penis traction device boosts the flow of blood to the blood vessels in your penis. It enhances the capacity of holding the blood of the new cells formed. So the size of your penis increases.
If you have bent penis or improper curvature, you can go for the Curvature and Peyronies package. It comprises all necessary devices and accessories which will reverse your penis curvature syndrome.
These penis extension tractions are medically proven and have approvals from health agencies.

Purchase Price

Four packages are available on the companys website. The company offers free shipping on these packages.
Value Edition Package is a low budget pack containing some accessories. You can purchase it for $199.95.
Comfort Package is the starter pack. You can buy it for $249.95.
Ultimate System package has all accessories and devices and is available for a price of $299.95.
Peyronie and Curvature package for those who have curved penis is available at $299.95.
35 other accessories, like protection pads, silicon tubes and others, are available on the companys website. You can buy as per your need.
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You can ask for a refund if you are not happy after using the device for 100 hours.
To get a refund, write down measurements of your penis for every day and send it to the manufacturer.
Also send prior and post-treatment photographs of your penis.
After verification, your refund will get approved by the company.
You will obtain a refund in your account.
If you receive a poor-quality/damaged device, contact the company within 2 weeks from the date of receipt. The company sends a replacement soon.

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After what time you get the outcomes?
You can see substantial growth after the first six weeks. You can see your penis growing up to 10% within 90 days from the day you start using it. Also, using it regularly for 180 days can give you growth of 28% lengthwise and 19% in girth.

What is the loading time for this device?
This device has a loading time of six weeks. This time, you have got to use the penis traction device for six hours every day. Constant usage will provide you with quicker results.

Does SizeGenetics give permanent results?
Yes, SizeGenetics penis extension devices give permanent results. Stretching forms fresh cells in the corpora cavernosa will stay even when you dont use the extension device.

Can you put on SizeGenetics while you are asleep?
You should not put on the traction device when you are asleep. It will not work as you change sides when you sleep.


If you want to increase the size of your penis, you need to get over your hesitation and work towards it. The majority of men around the world have a small penis and want a big one. You must know that there is a trustworthy device available for you. Men have been using this penis enlargement device for over 25 years without complaint. It is very popular as it has no side effects. The name of this device is SizeGenetics. Now you can improve your sex life easily. You will know how effective it is when you start using it. So order your device today from the companys website and avail of the discounts.