Chris Collins: Kim Jong-un could ‘become hero’ in North Korea

April 27, 2018 GMT

Rep. Chris Collins said Friday that North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un made positive steps forward for his country in moving toward peace with South Korea.

“This could actually end the nuclear weapons program in the North, denuclearize the peninsula, and economically, this is what Kim Jong-un needs,” Mr. Coons, New York Republican, said on Fox Business.

He said Mr. Kim’s meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in could help move North Korea forward both economically, as well as in other sectors such as health care.

“This is a chance for Kim Jong-un, frankly, to become a hero in his country,” Mr. Collins said.

The leaders of the Koreas met in the demilitarized zone and agreed to officially end the Korean War nearly 65 years after the hostilities ended. They also agreed to move toward a denuclearization and vowed to try and create peace.