Oil spill created traffic snarl on Ga. Highway 92 Monday

April 16, 2019 GMT

Traffic heading west on Ga. Highway 92 crossing the overpass over Interstate 75 was slowed Monday as authorities responded to an oil spill in one of the turning lanes for the southbound on-ramp to the interstate.

“The incident started at 10:47 Monday morning and ended at 4:30 p.m.,” Cherokee Sheriff’s Office Director of Communications Jay Baker said in an email. “The vehicle/suspect responsible for the oil spillage was never located.”

As authorities were responding to the scene, the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office issued notifications on social media, stating some vehicles had already driven through the oil and had thus spread the affected area as they turned onto the on-ramp for the interstate. The notification also urged drivers to use caution as they made their way through the area and that one lane of Ga. Highway 92, as well as the south-bound on ramp, was closed to traffic as authorities handed the issue.

Baker said the sheriff’s office assisted with traffic, while the Cherokee Fire and Emergency Services hazardous materials team, the Georgia Department of Transportation and Cherokee County public works personnel cleaned up, spreading sand on the road to help absorb the spilled oil.