West Point hires 6th reserve officer

July 13, 2017

WEST POINT — Although the agenda was light, the most important issue at the West Point City Council meeting Monday was the introduction of the new West Point Police Reserve officer.

Already hired, council members were introduced to Reserve Officer Jeff Abbey.

According to West Point City Administrator Gary Menke, the council was introduced to Abbey by Police Chief Brad Roberts and Mayor Paul Walker swore him in.

“He is No. six,” Menke said. “I think right now that is the total number we are looking for.”

The council discussed the use of golf carts in West Point. According to Menke, the city currently follows the procedures set by the state, but the city wants to consider going a step further.

“Some possibilities for consideration include asking people who own golf carts to have them registered,” Menke said. “We can place a sticker on the cart so that we will be able to connect the cart to the owner.”

Menke said there would be a one-time $5 fee for the registration.

“The council also discussed using South Park as a pass through area for the people who live on the south side of town,” Menke said. “And for people who live on main thoroughfares that are not allowed to drive on Highway 103 would be allowed to get to their homes.”

Also during the meeting:

Walker reappointed members of the standing commissions in West Point.