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Five interesting facts about Tax Day

April 14, 2019 GMT

It comes on Monday this year

Tax Day in the United States falls on April 15 each year, including in 2019. The only times it doesn’t fall on the 15th is when that date is a weekend or holiday, which means Tax Day is then the next non-weekend or holiday date.

It takes awhile to pay up

It is estimated the average person works for the first 100-plus days of the year to pay their income taxes. In 2014, it was estimated to be 111 days.

Not a holiday

Tax Day is not a celebrated holiday in the United States. It is a day many people dread. Albert Einstein said, “The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”


Taxes on top of taxes

Federal income tax is not the only tax Americans have to pay. There also are Social Security tax, sales tax, property tax, alcohol tax, tobacco tax, gambling tax and excise tax.

Introduced during Civil War

The Revenue Act of 1861 introduced federal income tax as a means to financially help the Civil War.