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Homing Pigeon Goes Off Course ... Into Car Window

August 10, 1988

GREENWICH, Conn. (AP) _ A homing pigeon flunked a training mission when it swooped through an open window into the car of a motorist here.

″I heard a thump and then there were all these feathers in the air,″ driver Anne Lindemann said after Monday’s encounter. ″I thought I hit a seagull or something.″

Lindemann glanced over her shoulder and saw the bird lying in the back seat. She pulled into a service station, where a mechanic removed the bird.

The bird had a band identifying it as belonging to the Garfield Homing Pigeon Club of Garfield, N.J., about 20 miles southwest of Greenwich.

″It’s one of ours that must have gone off course,″ said Sal Lama, the club’s secretary.

The pigeon, about 4 months old, was supposed to fly toward Pennsylvania and back again as part of a training program, Lama said.

John Corcoran, the mechanic who took the pigeon out of the car, said the bird appeared unharmed.

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