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Trump fan likes the thought of mob ties

May 2, 2019 GMT

It was one of those slightly uncomfortable afternoons in the waiting room of the medical facility. Everyone sat quietly with heads down, not wanting to talk too loudly lest the others might hear, except ...

There was one man — a good ol’ boy, I surmised — who all but yelled at another man across the room, talking about this and that and not making much sense.

He grumbled about his teenage son who, he said, spent most of his time away from the family. Did he really think it was that unusual?

Then he grumbled about his wife who, in his opinion, spent an inordinate amount of time watching cable news.


His thoughts turned to President Trump as his voice grew louder and more immediate.

He told everyone in the room he was a Trump fan as he yelled to the man across the room.

“Trump’s a good president,” he said. “I don’t mind telling you he’d become the best president in history if they would only let him alone to do what he wants to do.”

I fully expected him to tell the room who “they” are. But he didn’t. To my delight or horror (I can’t decide which), he took a different turn.

“You know,” he said as if he had contemplated his next statement for months, “I believe Trump is a member of the mob.”

I dropped my head a little lower as I tuned my ears in more closely to what he was saying. Here was something I wanted to hear: A Trump fan giving his reason for being a Trump fan.

“You know Trump was born and raised in Brooklyn, and that’s where all the members of the mob are from. And besides that, did you ever notice that when he comes out of the White House to get on that helicopter, he always wears a trench coat? All those members of the mob wear trench coats.”

He offered further proof of his mob affiliation.

“A few years ago, the concrete people were on strike, but Trump was able to have concrete delivered to one of his projects in spite of the strike. That’s because they were afraid not to deliver the concrete because he’s a member of the mob.”

The man to whom he was yelling shook his head in approbation.

It all ended when the Trumpite was called away to meet with a medical professional.

When the man started his pro-Trump rant, I was excited to hear what he said. After all, I am at a loss to know why anyone would continue to support the man. I expected the loudmouth to say he liked the way Trump has “fixed” the economy or even the fact he wasn’t African-American (I judged him to be that kind of fellow).

But no. He apparently admired the president because Trump was a member of the mob, something he saw as a positive.

Since then I began wondering how many other Trump fans think he is a member of the mob and the other strange reasons they cling to the man who has told 10,000 lies since he began running for president.

Frankly, it chills me to the bone.

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