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Chris Bowker: Memorial Day in Havasu

May 25, 2019 GMT

Editor: “The San Bernadino County Sheriff’s Department will patrol Havasu’s western shores with enhanced patrols by land, sea, and air…Deputies are expected to deploy from the Nevada state line to the Riverside County line and will be monitoring….”.

What is happening here? Has our trade war with China escalated into armed conflict? Have the Iranian Imams mistaken the Mohave for their own sandbox? Are Dothraki hordes descending upon Kokomo’s?

No, it is merely Havasu’s annual version of D-Day, as in DUI-Day. The first paragraph is taken from the “News-Herald” front page article May 22 edition entitled “Law enforcement agencies prep for busy weekend”. The word “deploy” in this paragraph is particularly telling. If you were to do a Nexus search on “deploy” it would most likely be paired with the word “troop”. Look up the word “deploy”. Its militaristic origins are without question.


What does this mean for the average boater? Favorite boating locations will be closed. I am more than a little curious about the legal aspects of closing a sandbar in the middle of the Colorado River. Have you ever seen the Clint Eastwood movie “The Gauntlet”? No need. Now you can live it by entering Copper Canyon on Memorial Day weekend. As with any propaganda piece the article is not without educational value. For example, we learn that the Boating Safety Division (by the way, a division contains approximately 15,000 soldiers) will be taking a proactive approach. This sounds suspiciously like random search and seizure. I am sure that the generals in the BSD will protest mightily. They will say that it was not a random act as their jack-booted thugs on land, sea, and air spotted, with technology second to none, an infraction being committed.

Not to worry, though. We also learn that ice cream cones will be handed out to children as police beacons light up their amazed faces. Better make that a double scoop to keep the little ones preoccupied as their friends and family are hauled away in handcuffs.

On a related note the reason for ASU’s satellite campus in Havasu is now abundantly clear. In a few years these students will be the only ones at Spring Break.

Chris Bowker

Desert Hills