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Directors move forward with banners for Waterway Arts District

March 22, 2019 GMT

The Woodlands Township Economic Development Committee is continuing to move forward with banners for the newly created Waterway Arts District, despite some minor disagreements about colors and locations of the banners.

At their meeting Thursday afternoon, the committee members approved 70 potential light poles for banners, focusing on Town Green Park, along the Waterway and Waterway Square. The banners would cost between $6,000 and $7,000. The material they would be made of would be mesh or vinyl.

Both the committee and The Woodlands Township Board of Directors recommended a set of three similarly designed banners in different colors.

Because more discussion needs to happen between the Development Standards Committee and Community Standards Committee, The Woodlands Township Board of Directors appointed Director Bruce Rieser to be a liaison between all the groups.

“We are branding an arts district…I would imagine this would be a cohesive agreement that we’d all want to do that would benefit everybody,” Director John Anthony Brown said. “I hope it doesn’t turn into an issue, because the end result is that this is something very positive and very good for everybody.”

The hope is to reach a conclusion in order to have the banners placed before The Waterway Arts Festival, scheduled for April 13 and 14.