Jennifer Lawrence stripped off in Kardashians’ closet

February 27, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence took off “all her clothes” when she visited the Kardashians.

The ‘Hunger Games’ actress has recalled how she removed all of her clothing in the closet whilst visiting the famous family’s abode and confessed she regularly cries over the television stars.

She said: “I recognised everything. I was like, Kendall, Kylie’s room ... So, I see there’s a piano and there’s a gigantic martini glass which I assumed was decoration, like cos it was so huge. And then as she’s walking me in, she picks it up and takes a swig of it. And I was like, I would like one of those please.

“Yeah, so three martinis later, I’m like, ‘I want you to dress me’, or, I can’t remember. Went up in to the closet, immediately took all my clothes off. I think I might have been wearing underwear. But ... I can’t 100 percent say I was wearing underwear. Yeah, every time I cry over the Kardashians ... like I cried when Khloe told the family she was pregnant. And I was just like [blubbering]. Nobody told me!”

The 27-year-old star also recalled how Kris Jenner ended up being a surprise for her birthday and that the pair ended up in bed together.

She added to KISS FM: “I had never met her before that night. And then I got into bed with her ... she was a surprise for my birthday. I don’t actually remember how we ended up in bed and that’s not the first time I’m saying that.”