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Ole Miss students unanimously vote for Confederate statue to be removed from center of campus

March 7, 2019 GMT

The student government at the University of Mississippi voted unanimously Tuesday to remove a Confederate statue from the campus center.

Ole Miss’ student body voted to move it to a Confederate cemetery on campus in a 47-0 vote, which was met with roaring applause.

“I started crying when I knew we had the majority vote,” Leah Davis, a black junior psychology major and resolution co-writer, told NBC News. “It was really powerful to me the fact that the Senate voted unanimously.”

Student body President Elam Miller signed the resolution, saying they will be setting up meetings to move the process forward.


“We’re setting up meetings right now with university leaders to understand the next steps from here,” Mr. Miller, a senior public policy major, said. “The way it’s outlined is sort of gray.”

The resolution comes weeks after a rally occurred to protest the removal of the university’s Confederate symbols, saying on Facebook the school has “disregarded and disrespected the traditions of a once great southern university.”

This effort is the latest in heated contention between southern universities and their Confederate iconography, most notably at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville in 2017, after protesters and counterprotesters clashed and one person was fatally run over by a car.