Poem: For Mom

November 27, 2018

Our Father in Heaven looked down from above

It was time to take the one that we love

To leave this earth for her heavenly home

Where in joy and happiness forever she’ll roam

Free of all pain, suffering and strife

She had given us all a wonderful life

Her reward is sight, her hearing, and then

She was able to dance with Dad once again

Around and around and around they will go

Together in love forever they’ll show

An example for their children and grandchildren to see

What marriage and family are meant to be

Up there waiting at Heaven’s Gate

Is her true love, her honey, her only mate

Walking together thru meadows so green

The most beautiful site they have ever seen

Hand-in-hand thru eternity we’ll see

Mom and Dad together as they wanted to be

In God’s loving arms they find comfort and rest

Together again, it is for the best

A special person arrived the day she was born

We were grateful to have her, and even though we are torn

We Know she is pleased and truly blessed

To be in God’s Kingdom as His very special guest.

In loving memory of Iva “Angeline” (Brown) Wehrs, October 27, 1919 to November 21, 2006

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