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Reader beware: New scam targets customers of The Day

January 31, 2019 GMT

Reader beware: The Day has learned a scammer pretending to be a newspaper representative is trying to get Social Security and bank information from area residents.

Customers reporting the issue said the scammer, calling from a number that was listed as “Out of Area” or “Unavailable,” first tried to get them to sign up for auto-pay or EZ-Pay.

The scammer then asked for the last four digits of each customer’s Social Security number. One customer said the scammer also asked for his checking account number.

People calling on behalf of The Day use recognizable southeastern Connecticut phone numbers, not numbers that show up as “Out of Area” or “Unavailable.”

Members of The Day’s customer service team and telemarketing company will not ask for Social Security information.

Anyone who is suspicious about the validity of a call should contact The Day’s customer service department at (860) 701-4400 or memberservices@theday.com.