From the internet to the courtroom, a pattern of missteps

June 14, 2017 GMT

As Uber faces an internal investigation into widespread accusations of sexual harassment, the company has had to fend off questions stemming from a tsunami of leaks, lawsuits and allegations that have hit nearly every other part of the company in recent months, including:

• Jan. 28: During a demonstration against President Trump’s immigration ban, New York taxi drivers avoided John F. Kennedy Airport to join in the protest, though Uber continued to serve the airport. That day, a #delete- uber campaign on social media spread quickly, leading to roughly 200,000 customers deleting the app.

• Feb. 23: Waymo, the autonomous car company that spun out of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., filed a lawsuit in California District Court accusing Uber and one of its chief self-driving car employees of stealing trade secrets.

• Feb. 28: A video showing Uber CEO Travis Kalanick arguing with an Uber driver leaked, showing a heated argument over Uber policies. In the video, the driver says he has not made as much money recently, to which Kalanick tells the driver to take responsibility for his own problems. Kalanick later apologized, and said he would seek leadership help.

• March 3: The New York Times reported Uber routinely deceived authorities — including those in Boston — by showing lawmakers and regulators different versions of the Uber app.