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Sycamore City Council praises Public Works Department for snowstorm effort

December 4, 2018 GMT

SYCAMORE – The Sycamore City Council applauded its Public Works Department on Monday for its work during and after the

Nov. 25 snowstorm.

“The Public Works Department did an exemplary job,” Fire Chief Peter Polarek said. “Without them, we can’t do our job. On Facebook, we offered tips on how to prepare for the snowstorm in case you had to wait it out.

“A little preparation goes a long way.”

In other business, public works Director Fred Busse said that the leaf pickup operation is over for this year.

“We extended the leaf pickup for one full week this year,” Busse said. “There are still lots of frozen leaves out there.


“We hoped the rain would dissolve the snow, but we’re fearful of tearing up our equipment if we continue with the leaf pickup. The dumpster in front of the public works building is still available for people to dispose of their leaves until Sunday, Dec.16.”

The council also presented service awards to city employees.

“Sycamore has top-notch people,” City Manager Brian Gregory said. “Without them, our city would not be successful.”

• 5 years of service: Andrew Mankivsky, Curt Lang and Nick Flink.

• 10 years of service: Dana Allen, Randy Jennings, Barbara Paulson and Steve Kurth.

• 15 years of service: Patrick Dulzo, Randy Brown, Daniel Wojcik, Justin Kness and Ryan Gustafson.

• 20 years of service: Bob Maciejewski.

• 25 years of service: Craig Michaelis, Ramon Puentes, Dale McMillan, Sharon Anderson, Rod Swartzendruber and Steve Watry.

• 30 years of service: Tal Hickey.

• 35 years of service: Roger Haeffner.

The council also recognized new employees: Shaquille Perez, Matt Anderson, Max Piper, Drew Diehl, Joe Cerami, Dan Black, Jason Wittenburg, Laura Herrmann, Cheronda Everett, Shirley Rush, Greg Ormond and Tony Freeland.