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Letters To The Editor 4/16/2019

April 16, 2019 GMT

Vote for new vision

Editor: I have attended a few rallies for Lackawanna County Commissioner Jerry Notarianni and his running mate, George Kelly.

It is refreshing to hear the two Democrats speak of a vision, not empty promises. Notarianni is no stranger to public life or as a successful independent businessman. With his experience he has a lot more to offer. Kelly brings a new outlook with his experience as county economic development director. He was responsible for creating jobs and getting abandoned property back on the tax roll.

We have two strong men with a vision to improve our neighborhoods, creating a transparent government, becoming a financially stable county. We need to come together and get out and vote May 21 for the candidates who will work for us.




Devilish details

Editor: The devil takes many forms, doesn’t it?

So when you dance with the devil in the pale moonlight what form does your devil take? For the past seven years the taxpayers of Lackawanna County have not been burdened by a tax increase. During this time the only constant has been the stewardship of one Commissioner Patrick O’Malley.

Call me what you like. The fact still remains the same.




Take positive course

Editor: Since early January the people of the 12th Congressional District have not had representation in Congress. This will change after May 21.

On the same day as primary elections, voters in this 15-county district will choose our next congressman.

Let’s get it right this time. We have the opportunity to elect a congressman who will represent all of us, who will actually follow our best interests to guide his decisions.

Imagine having a congressman who understands how important access to affordable health care is, who understands that without a clean environment our beautiful area cannot prosper, who is an expert at modern communications and computer security, who values public education as the heartbeat of our communities, who supports the Second Amendment and who will uphold our U.S. Constitution.

Imagine having a congressman who will hold regular, open town hall meetings throughout the district to hear our views and concerns. We can have this by electing Democrat Marc Friedenberg as our next congressman.

Friedenberg represents all that is good about our district. He is not owned by the special interests that are against exactly the things we need to move forward.

If we send Friedenberg to Congress we will finally have a congressman we can be proud of. It’s time we vote for our interests and positive representation.





Vote for new voice

Editor: We’re at a time in our political system when individual voices are critical, as exemplified by John McCain’s heroic vote to preserve Obamacare. On May 21, voters in the 12th Congressional District have an opportunity to make a real change by electing Democrat Marc Friedenberg.

Friedenberg’s campaign focuses on key issues: education, the environment and Medicare and Social Security, all of which have become polarized by the Trump administration’s radical policies. Never before has a president’s actions threatened our national parks and wilderness areas, our shorelines and the air we breathe. Never before has a president advocated such an attack on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs, harming our country’s elderly and poor citizens.

Never before has a president lied constantly to our fellow citizens, becoming a laughingstock before the world. Never has one had so many advisers convicted of federal crimes while he remained in office, five so far.

Since congressional Republicans are reluctant to oppose the president, it’s incumbent to vote them out of office. Friedenberg has accepted eight invitations to debate his opponent, Republican Fred Keller. Keller has ignored or declined all but one — a televised debate on WVIA May 2. What is Keller afraid of?

Perhaps he’s embarrassed by President Trump and reluctant to defend his radical agenda. Keller voted in 2013 to oppose Medicaid expansion in Pennsylvania, even though our state’s cost was to be a small percentage of the total. Do your part to help preserve the wonderful country we cherish; vote for Friedenberg.




Health care voter

Editor: I’m a registered nurse and I’m worried for my patients who feel increasingly powerless and vulnerable when it comes to their health care choices.

A new survey from the nonprofit West Health and Gallup polling confirms what I witness every day: One in four Americans have skipped health treatment because of the cost and nearly half worry that a single health care emergency could bankrupt them.

I’m concerned that things could get much worse. The Trump administration recently expanded its effort to undo the Affordable Care Act by arguing that the entire law should be invalidated. If that happens, some 20 million Americans could lose their health insurance and many of the patients I see here in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District will get sicker from treatable diseases.

Most frustrating is that many patients I worry about keep voting for the same rubber stamp politicians who make lofty promises and fail to deliver.

Pennsylvania’s May 21 primary is also a special election and registered independents, along with Republicans and Democrats, can help elect a competent, honest, hardworking and compassionate representative to Congress who has our backs when it comes to delivering on affordable health care.

I’m a nurse and a campaign volunteer. I’m knocking on doors for Marc Friedenberg, Democratic candidate in the 12th District, because I believe sending him to Washington is the best thing I can do for my patients.