Arrests made in bank robbery

February 23, 2017 GMT

Tiffany Marie Whisman told her friend Lori Joy Williams that she’d robbed banks before and gotten away with it, according to court records.

But Tuesday, Whisman apparently didn’t notice there were witnesses in the parking lot as she ran out of the Salin Bank on Lima Road in an unusual get-up, or the fact that her getaway car was followed by one of the witnesses.

According to Allen Superior Court records, Whisman, 31, walked into the bank just before 2 p.m. and passed a note to a teller that read: “I need the money or people are going to hurt my daughter. Give the money, not hit button, no dye packs or she will get killed.”

She was wearing a surgical mask and latex gloves that she had she taken from Dupont Hospital on Dupont Road. Williams, 39, told police Whisman walked into the emergency room and walked out with the two items.

Wearing the mask and gloves along with a red sweater and black hat, Whisman walked in to rob the bank, witnesses said. The two witnesses saw Whisman running out of the bank being chased by the manager, then hopping into the passenger seat of a green Buick that took off, court records said.

One of the witnesses thought the scene looked “odd” and decided to follow the two women as they raced south on Lima Road.

Williams, who was driving the getaway vehicle, was described as having brown hair in a ponytail. Whisman was slumping down as though she was trying to hide, said the witness, who also took photos of the Buick.

The red sweater got tossed from the Buick near Checkerz Bar, the witness said.

It didn’t take long for police to find the two. Officers patrolling the area of the 4400 block of Bluffton Road about 5 p.m. Tuesday saw the Buick, conducted a traffic stop and detained Williams.

As for Whisman, she was found behind a dumpster at a Family Dollar store, having been dropped off just before the traffic stop, Fort Wayne police said.

“Officers converged on this location and with the assistance of a Fort Wayne K-9 officer and his partner tracked Whisman to the rear of the Family Dollar where she was found hiding behind a large dumpster. Whisman was detained without incident,” the news release said.

Court documents said that when officers searched Whisman, a $20 bill fell out from underneath her shirt containing a white powdery substance wrapped in foil and plastic wrappers that tested positive for heroin.

Williams told police that when the two women were fleeing the scene of the robbery, Whisman pulled out “wads of money.” Court documents said it amounted to $1,394.

She also told the arresting officer that Whisman had boasted of past robberies where she’d gotten away.

Williams took some of the money to stash in the glove box and in her purse, she said.

The red sweater thrown out of the window was retrieved. There was a $100 bill in a pocket.

Both women are in the Allen County Jail. Whisman, no given address, was charged with robbery and possession of a narcotic drug with a bond of $12,500, according to a jail spokesman.

Williams, from Huntington, has been charged with robbery and has a bond of $10,000.