OUR OPINION: We all have role to play protecting Earth we share

April 28, 2019 GMT

We will save a heavier discussion about the specific issue of climate change for another day. Today, we wish to avoid politics (hard as it may be to do that in any discussion) and join local support and celebration of a global event to which we can’t imagine anyone is, in a general sense, opposed.

Earth Day.

On Monday, April 22, the 49th anniversary of Earth Day - or International Mother Earth Day as designated by a United Nations resolution - was observed, opening a week of related activities, small and large, involving hundreds of millions of people in nearly 200 nations.

Today, Siouxland Earth Day will be celebrated from 1 to 5 p.m. in what is described as a free, family-friendly event at the Delta Hotels Conference Center in South Sioux City, Nebraska, through a myriad of indoor exhibits and outdoor activities. Sponsored by CF Industries, Siouxland Ethanol, LP Gill and MidAmerican Energy, the event will include participation by a variety of organizations, such as the Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center, Stone State Park, the Adams Nature Preserve and the Sioux City Parks and Recreation Department.

We commend organizers of and participants in all local and area Earth Day-related events because these activities speak to the responsibility of human civilization to keep our planet clean and healthy.

In our local communities, region and states, each one of us in Siouxland can and should do his or her part to respect and protect our small pieces of Earth. Pursuit of cleaner land and water through reduced litter and pollution and participation in recycling are simple steps through which we can, together, make a profound difference.

Formally, Earth Day is marked once a year, but its spirit should guide our lives throughout the year.

Whatever our differences, inhabitants of Earth are bound together by the inarguable fact this is our home, we have no other planet on which to live.

That’s why we all should embrace the important role we share in preserving it.