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I think that I shall never see …

February 7, 2019 GMT

There is no way to live without a tree. We are so focused on walls, war and our weather. In the end that wall won’t give us oxygen to breathe.

We need to make some life changes and bring sustainable products into our daily lives: Bamboo, hemp, compostable cutlery, reusable grocery and shopping bags. Recycled paper and recycled products made from plastic; rugs, shoes, pens, toys, etc. Say no to straws in our drink. Bring our own cup, plate and bag and buy bulk with our own containers. Glass is better than plastic. Walk. And, for every tree cut down, plant 10 more, because we are all breathing.

All the beautification and affordable housing being built is not going to help us be a number one city when we cannot breathe good air and house all of our people. By the way, affordable housing is an oxymoron to the many homeless here in Rochester, or more exact a contradiction in terms. Breathe deep and let’s all do our part in being the change we wish to see in this town and on this earth.

Laura Rice, Rochester