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Be sure to check stored grain

January 30, 2019 GMT

NORFOLK - With fluctuating air temperatures the next couple of weeks, it’s important to check the condition of stored grain this winter.

Extension Educator for Burt County John Wilson says when temperatures within the grain mass vary by 10 degrees or more, there will be convection currents in the bin which can result in moisture migration, resulting in wet spots and the grain potentially going out of condition.

“To avoid this problem, you need to run aeration fans as temperatures rise to warm the grain mass evenly. This can prevent costly problems of grain going out of condition. You may need to do this several times, several weeks to a month apart, depending on how quickly outdoor air temperatures rise.”

Wilson says also you can check grain temperature with a thermometer on a grain probe.

He says check the temperature several feet below the surface at different locations in the bin, and at several locations around the bin walls as well as near the center of the bin.

Wilson adds as always when entering a bin you should use a safety harness and lifeline and have someone else stay outside the bin in case of an emergency.