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Plumber: How to choose a child-friendly toilet

August 11, 2018 GMT

Question: Dear Ed, we have two children who are now using the bathroom by themselves. Before I have one of those “I should have thought of that” moments, do you have any child-friendly toilet tips you can suggest?

- Sandra, Ohio

Answer: If you have more than one bathroom, I suggest any toilet upgrades you choose be done on all your toilets. This can make it easier for all family members.

With that in mind, I recommend upgrading to the new slow-closing toilet seats. Slow-closing seats are often called anti-slam seats because the seat and lid are designed to close gently. Even if pushed too quickly, a slow-closing seat is designed with controlled fall technology to help avoid the usual slamming issues.


Many of the seats are built with solid plastic and can be removed easily from the bowl for fast cleaning. Some slow-close seats even include a nightlight, and I guess that can be my most enlightening child-friendly toilet tip for today.

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