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Young Professionals 2 Follow: Sean Pumphrey helps his fellow veterans

July 9, 2018 GMT

A veteran of the U.S. Army, Sean Pumphrey understands duty, and part of that duty is to give back to fellow military veterans.

Through a partnership with the Young Republican National Federation, Pumphrey assists homeless veterans in need, volunteering at shelters for homeless veterans and helping organize supply drives for clothing, toiletries and other items they need every day.

“These are people who are in hard times, and they shouldn’t be in those hard times,” said Pumphrey, who is an account executive with Atlantic Broadband. “Being a veteran myself, I believe we can do a better job helping them through the process from military to civilian life. That’s one of the hardest transitions in a veteran’s life.”

A native of Aiken and a graduate of South Aiken High School, Pumphrey, 32, transitioned back to Aiken after the Army, bringing with him his wife, Kelly; daughter, Delilah; and son, Colten. His daughter, Annabeth, was born in Aiken.

“After the military, I decided this is where I’m from, and I told my wife this is where I want to lay our roots and raise our family,” said Pumphrey, sitting in one of Aiken’s landmarks, The Alley. “I was blessed enough to grow up in this wonderful town, and I wanted my children to have the same opportunities I had as well.”

In addition to his work with veterans, Pumphrey is active in politics as the state chairman of the S.C. Young Republicans.

“We’re a young group that caters to conservative values,” he said. “We work on outreach and on various campaigns once the primary season is over.”

The Young Republicans also volunteer for community service.

“Here in Aiken, our chapter just adopted a highway, and we also work with veterans organizations,” Pumphrey said. “We have about 14 chapters across South Carolina, and I’m very proud of the work their members are doing, from running and working campaigns to running for office to serving in the party.”

Pumphrey said Aiken is the perfect place for young professionals and their families to live and grow.

“For me, it’s the small-town feel, the welcoming people – Best Small Town in the South, come on now,” he said. “It’s the community aspect. You can come down here to The Alley on a Thursday night and see kids playing. My wife and I love that, having the opportunity for our children to play with other children. It’s just a blessing. My passion is to be someone who can serve this community in the best light.”