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City to help with Christmas celebration

October 9, 2017 GMT

NEEDLES — As was discussed during the Needles Downtown Business Alliance meeting on Sept. 7, Needles City Councilor Shawn Gudmundson brought the topic of a Christmas celebration to the scheduled city council meeting on Sept. 26.

“I’m going to assist, with Councilor Tona Belt, in helping with the decorating and lighting of the tree ceremony. So I ask staff to approve this, we’ll keep it to a minimum to help this function keep going as well as the parade and tree lighting ceremony,” said Gudmundson.

During the council discussion Councilor Robert Richardson M.D. mentioned that it would be best if city staff helped out and not take it on directly since they’re very busy with their own work.


“I had a chance to talk with the recreation manager and she told me she has her time committed to helping the Women’s Club with their Christmas event at the credit union,” said Rick Daniels, city manager. “We want to see this event go on and regardless of who organizes it we will have public works and public safety there providing traffic control, helping people set up and helping with cleanup.”

After more deliberation from the city council Tina McGee representing the Women’s Club of Needles was asked to come up.

“We’ve been talking since June when this opportunity came to us and we’ve been trying to keep the Christmas celebration going,” said McGee while addressing the city council. “We probably won’t be doing this as big as it was in the past but the vendors are set, the children’s area is set, the parade is set and most of this is taking place in the parking lot of the credit union. I’m under the impression that if it gets bigger we will have to close down portions of Broadway and we are prepared to do that,” McGee continued. “We were on hold for a couple of weeks because we were told there was a meeting here discussing this to see if the city was going to take this over or we if were supposed to move forward.”

Mayor Ed Paget told McGee that they loved and supported her idea and thanked her for keeping the Christmas celebration alive in Needles.

“On behalf the Needles Spark of Love Toy Drive and the Women’s Club of Needles, we will accept any donations,” concluded McGee.