Presidents who made the office more diverse

November 4, 2016

In 1933, Sammy Davis Jr., then 7 years old, played a kid who dreamed of the presidency in the movie short “Rufus Jones for President.” That was just the start of a long list of black presidents, some of whom beat Barack Obama to the Oval Office.

Some of our favorites:

• Dennis Haysbert on Fox’s “24” (2002-04)

• James Earl Jones in “The Man” (1972)

• Morgan Freeman in “Deep Impact” (1998)

• Danny Glover in “2012” (2009)

• Blair Underwood in NBC’s “The Event” (2010)

• Jamie Foxx in “White House Down” (2013)

• Alfre Woodard in NBC’s “State of Affairs” (2014)

TV has also brought us Latino presidents, including Jimmy Smits (“The West Wing,” 2006) and Esai Morales (“The Brink,” 2015).