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Letter: For a No. 1 city, Rochester sure needs a lot of work

December 19, 2017 GMT

What am I missing? Where does it end? What’s wrong here? Pick your title. Rochester is touted as a “Number One city,” yet over 500 school-age kids are homeless in this city. Affordable housing is almost non-existent. Our roads are crumbling. Longtime businesses are closing up, moving out or relocating, as they can’t afford the continual escalating taxes. (Three of those belonged to good friends of mine.) Historical/landmark sites that give a city character are being bulldozed down.

We bring in outside help for city administrative positions and other areas. Parking is nowhere to be found in the soon-to-be “revitalized downtown” area. Handicap parking is very limited, and dialogue with council persons doesn’t even merit helpful feedback. Our police department certainly needs more monetary assistance/officers, yet we can blow $200,000 on an outside-the-city-commissioned piece of art. Add some little feet to it and we can call it the Chrome Pollywog.

Sometimes you need to tighten the belt, use the money where it’s needed most, and where it really benefits people before you forge ahead with the glitz and glamour. Progress is certainly inevitable and needed, but it also entails using common sense along the way. Rochester needs to try that.

Mark Hrubetz