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Man Buys Vampire Killing Kit

November 12, 1997 GMT

GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP) _ Vampires are a thing of the past, you say? Not to a Seattle man who paid $12,000 for a century-old vampire-killing kit.

The buyer, who asked to remain anonymous, bought the kit during a weekend auction by Fain & Co. of Grants Pass, whose owners, Chris and Valerie Fain, are antique collectors.

The kit included an ivory crucifix that fires a silver bullet, a wooden stake, garlic powder, a small canister of gunpowder, a tiny bottle that had contained anti-vampire serum, several spare silver bullets and a mold for making more bullets.


``We had a lot of inquiries about the vampire kit,″ company spokeswoman Stephanie Knisong-Ryan said. ``There were four or five in the audience and at least three phone bidders. There was a lot of interest in it. Everybody wanted to see it.″

The auction drew telephone bids from as far away as Italy.